29 01, 2020

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mobin Rastgar Agah, Engineering Department

Asked what attracted him to teaching at NCC, Dr. Mobin Rastgar Agah says, “I truly believe we provide opportunities for students here.” As the engineering coordinator and an associate professor of engineering at NCC, he has observed that even though some students may have encountered daunting obstacles or experienced setbacks prior to coming to NCC that “changed their path in life, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to be successful.”


Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mobin Rastgar Agah, Engineering Department2020-01-29T21:10:12-05:00
29 01, 2020

Good job!


The average GPA of all current Foundation scholarship recipients studying at NCC was 3.31 at the end of the fall semester!

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29 01, 2020

Networking and Career Advice for NCC Scholars

Two NCC Foundation scholarship recipients, Jersy Esquivel and Gordon Hanssen, joined finance professionals in New York City for a daylong workshop entitled, “Classroom to Boardroom, Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” at Neuberger Berman. It was a unique opportunity to gain practical advice and insights from finance professionals, as well as to learn strategies for building a resume and career path. Both students reported that they learned critical networking skills and strategies.


Networking and Career Advice for NCC Scholars2020-01-29T21:06:58-05:00
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