Asked what attracted him to teaching at NCC, Dr. Mobin Rastgar Agah says, “I truly believe we provide opportunities for students here.” As the engineering coordinator and an associate professor of engineering at NCC, he has observed that even though some students may have encountered daunting obstacles or experienced setbacks prior to coming to NCC that “changed their path in life, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to be successful.”

Dr. Rastgar Agah endeavors to keep students motivated and on the path toward success in a number of ways. He frequently uses the Foundation sponsored Makerspace in his coursework with students, and he plans an annual engineering “Homecoming” each November to inspire and connect alums to current engineering students. 2019’s event featured a packed classroom of students and a panel of alums (many had received NCC Foundation scholarships when they were students) who had gone on to earn bachelors and master’s degrees, and found engineering jobs. For the current NCC students in attendance, Dr. Rastgar Agah says, “they see that graduating, or transferring to pursue a bachelor’s degree are all doable, that they can accomplish it as well.”

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