With the closure of Norwalk Community College’s campus and the move to online learning, many students have found themselves cut of off from vital services that were available to them at NCC.  These include computer labs, where students without a computer at home would study, and the food pantry.  NCC was one of the first colleges in Connecticut to address food insecurity on campus by making an on-site food pantry available to all students. The need was clear, with students at NCC reporting in a survey they “don’t have enough money to spend on food” and that they “can’t afford to eat balanced meals.”
The Foundation’s goal is to help NCC students successfully finish their semester of college by providing emergency assistance in the areas of greatest need. To date, the most urgent needs have been laptops and grocery store gift cards.  NCC students who do not have a computer at home face a critical barrier to continuing their education.  NCC has begun online learning that will continue through the end of the semester.  Because of this digital divide, students face being left behind.  The NCC Foundation is proud to give computers to eligible NCC students to help them continue their education.

ATTENTION Scholarship Students,

Please note that the NCC Foundation is independent from Norwalk Community College/CT State College.

The NCC Foundation is a separate 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that is NOT part of Norwalk Community College/CT State College.

When you provide NCC Foundation with your personal information for scholarships, we keep it private.

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