This week we are wishing a swift recovery to a very brave Foundation scholar, Shahida.  Shahida earned an NCC Foundation Scholarship for 2019-20.  In addition to being a full-time student, she was also working at a local grocery store, until she tested positive for COVID-19.  Shahida sent us a photo from quarantine at home, where she is still studying and told us more about her experience.

How has your life changed or been affected because of COVID-19?

Unfortunately, last week I tested positive for Covid-19. So far, I’m doing well and I have less severe symptoms. I’m staying positive and taking extra precautions quarantined at home so that nobody else in my family becomes infected.

I work at a local grocery store, and it is not safe out there, especially in grocery stores. It was extremely scary to go out. Every time I walked into the store at work, I felt like I was in a horror movie. Everyone had a lot of protection (as if it were a battle). Everyone wearing masks and gloves scared me. However, I tried to follow the protocols and not to be scared because I felt like I got to dress as a superhero everyday to protect myself and others.

A selfie Shahida took at work earlier in the month, before her diagnosis

The difficult thing about this situation has not been my getting infected, but preventing my family or vulnerable people from getting infected. Especially my mom, because she has a preexisting condition, and she gives me strength to fight this battle.

I cried a lot NOT for me but for the world. It gives me pain, because I can see people around me have had to leave work and won’t be able to come back to work, despite needing to pay bills and all. It makes me upset how a lot of people have lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

This situation has changed me a lot.  Today I look at the world from a different perspective, and I’ve become a better human being. I care more about others and taking care of them as much as I possibly can. I’ve changed, and now my heart is more human.  I needed to pass through this pandemic, and also, I need to make it through to the end of it.

How are your classes and studies going since the move to online learning?

I have never taken online classes in my life before and I would rather go to a class and learn in the classroom instead. However, it’s going well so far. It is hard to concentrate on studying at home while everything else is going on in the world. I’m trying my best to be positive, to stay focused and to concentrate on my studying.

What do you miss most about NCC?

I miss going into class. I miss being with my friends and studying together, and studying with my study group.

These past weeks and months have been extremely hard for me and for my family. I’m sure it’s not only us but everyone, and every family going through it. However, I have faith that everything is going to get better very soon! Thank you so much for reaching out to us. I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe!

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