29 05, 2020

A Look Back on Studying From Home


Over the last few months we asked our Foundation scholars to send us their “work from home” selfies. We heard how much they missed NCC and their classmates as the classroom became their living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Many studied alongside their partners, children and pets, and juggled additional work and family responsibilities.

We are proud of all our scholars for remaining focused, and successfully completing the 2019-20 academic year!

If you want to help Norwalk Community College students achieve their academic and professional goals, consider a gift to the NCC Foundation

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19 05, 2020

Scholar Stories: Jaquiline

Jaquiline was able to finish her semester thanks to the NCC Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund.  She told us, “I was having trouble because I was sharing a computer, but since I got the computer from the Foundation, it has been a life saver. So thank you so much for helping!”


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15 05, 2020

NCC Instructors Grateful for Foundation’s Emergency Student Aid


We have heard firsthand from NCC professors about the transition to online learning and the impact of Foundation contributions on the lives of their students.

“I teach anatomy and physiology and I had students who, after the classes moved online, were taking the class on their cell phones,” Jonathan McMenamin-Balano, NCC Biology Professor and Honors Program Coordinator told us. “They were able to get laptops from the Foundation and successfully complete the class.  If the Foundation hadn’t stepped in, the students wouldn’t have been able to.”


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14 05, 2020

Scholar Stories: Karl


Karl told us, “Thank you NCC Foundation for all the financial help that you have given me over the years and what a big difference it has made in my life, and my pursuit of higher education.” (more…)

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5 05, 2020

Scholar Stories: Eyline


“I wake up every day motivated,” NCC transfer scholar Eyline tells us.  Despite being only in her first semester at UConn and losing her job because of COVID-19, her determination exemplifies why keeping students on track with their academic goals is more essential now than ever.  Before successfully graduating from NCC and transferring to UConn in December, Elyse was also one of our Academic Year scholars and joined the Foundation’s mentorship program with Bridgewater Associates.


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