“I wake up every day motivated,” NCC transfer scholar Eyline tells us.  Despite being only in her first semester at UConn and losing her job because of COVID-19, her determination exemplifies why keeping students on track with their academic goals is more essential now than ever.  Before successfully graduating from NCC and transferring to UConn in December, Elyse was also one of our Academic Year scholars and joined the Foundation’s mentorship program with Bridgewater Associates.

How are your online classes going?

My studies from home are going well. I have been able to adapt to the new ways of learning. I have also been able to understand everything on my own. I wake up every day motivated to start a new day learning from home. Even though I have enjoyed learning from home, it has brought a couple of difficulties such as having to share computers with my two other sisters who are also in college. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been possible.

I do miss having the in-class experience, in which I was able to ask questions, and hear other’s opinions while learning. I miss the school environment I was used to, as well as working in groups with my classmates to analyze problems to come up with solutions. I miss this because I’ve always been the one who takes leadership roles and enjoys teaching others.

How has COVID-19 affected your life overall?

My life has been extremely affected by Covid-19. My life has changed, I went from having a job to being unemployed. This not only affected me in my personal life with my bills, but also in my academic goals. As a restaurant server, I was badly affected by this pandemic. I was planning to work to make the money to take summer classes. Before this pandemic, I met with my advisor to work on an academic plan, in which I planned summer classes this summer. But due to this pandemic that might not be possible anymore. I have been trying to find resources such as summer scholarships so that I can continue with my plan.

It hasn’t been a great time, but I am grateful that my family and I are healthy. I am also grateful for the NCC Foundation for checking up on me. Thank you for all the help that has been given to my sisters and I.

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