Karl told us, “Thank you NCC Foundation for all the financial help that you have given me over the years and what a big difference it has made in my life, and my pursuit of higher education.”


How has your life changed or been affected because of COVID-19?

It has changed significantly, with my job being shut down and many associates laid off, to my wife being out of work for months due to being self-employed. However, I can look at the positive side to this as well, I am able to spend more time with my family, with activities like cooking together, having family game night or just talking to each other more and getting to know each all over again.

How are your classes and studies going since the move to online learning?

At first it was a little bit tough getting used to, but eventually I was able to navigate it better as time went by.

What do you miss most about NCC?

What I miss about NCC is my classmates and professors, the place where we develop our life skills, create great friendship and make meaningful connections which have helped with the learning process.


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