“The biggest challenge that I have faced in my life was being diagnosed with a chronic illness, as well as suffering from the symptoms that have come with it. Although it can be a great challenge still attending school and managing to work around my illness, accomplishing my academic endeavors despite my illness has also taught me so many life lessons that I will always carry with me.

I am majoring in Biochemistry Studies and my goal is to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a Neuroscience degree. Learning about the human body in its entirety is astonishing. This has inspired me to be a doctor as there is still so much to learn.

To say that I appreciate donors’ thoughts and efforts for donating to the NCC Foundation is an understatement. I am elated to be receiving your contribution and would like you to know that it will never be forgotten. I am so grateful as this will allow me to continue my path to completing my degree, something that I have dreamed of.

The best part of NCC, outside of learning, is that I feel surrounded by supportive professors, counselors, and staff at the college. Everyone that I have had the pleasure of speaking with (or even an exchange of emails) has been very supportive in my path to completing my degree (especially while having a chronic illness). They always have kind words of encouragement and try to connect me with resources to the best of their ability. This has helped me so much to continue pursuing my degree with dedication. I feel like anything is possible.”

If you would like to help Norwalk Community College students achieve their academic and professional goals, consider a gift to the NCC Foundation: https://buff.ly/3lJFJ0z

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