15 05, 2020

NCC Instructors Grateful for Foundation’s Emergency Student Aid


We have heard firsthand from NCC professors about the transition to online learning and the impact of Foundation contributions on the lives of their students.

“I teach anatomy and physiology and I had students who, after the classes moved online, were taking the class on their cell phones,” Jonathan McMenamin-Balano, NCC Biology Professor and Honors Program Coordinator told us. “They were able to get laptops from the Foundation and successfully complete the class.  If the Foundation hadn’t stepped in, the students wouldn’t have been able to.”


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1 04, 2020

NCC Loans Three Ventilators to Norwalk Hospital

Above, technicians from Norwalk Hospital roll away NCC’s ventilators to transport to the hospital.
NCC Foundation Executive Director Carrie Bernier and NCC CEO Cheryl DeVonish responded quickly to the COVID-19 crisis by coordinating the transfer of urgently needed equipment to Norwalk Hospital. NCC has loaned its three ventilators as Norwalk Hospital was in dire need for such equipment.  The particular models of ventilators donated were originally selected so that NCC students could train on the same equipment used by area hospitals.  This means Norwalk Hospital staff will be familiar with the donated equipment and it can be put to immediate use in treating COVID-19 patients.


NCC Loans Three Ventilators to Norwalk Hospital2020-04-01T19:11:59-04:00
28 03, 2020

Raising Money for Laptops and Grocery Gift Cards

With the closure of Norwalk Community College’s campus and the move to online learning, many students have found themselves cut of off from vital services that were available to them at NCC.  These include computer labs, where students without a computer at home would study, and the food pantry.  NCC was one of the first colleges in Connecticut to address food insecurity on campus by making an on-site food pantry available to all students. The need was clear, with students at NCC reporting in a survey they “don’t have enough money to spend on food” and that they “can’t afford to eat balanced meals.” (more…)
Raising Money for Laptops and Grocery Gift Cards2020-04-01T19:09:18-04:00
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