Our Assets and Endowment

The NCC Foundation is the largest community college foundation in the State of Connecticut with net assets of approximately $35 million.

The Board of Directors of the NCC Foundation seeks to safeguard and steward donor funds wisely by ensuring that these resources are responsibly and prudently managed.

The NCC Foundation Board of Directors invests the endowment fund assets to generate earnings on a total return basis. Total return is defined as the sum of capital appreciation (or loss) and current income (dividends and interest) less investment management fees. Grants from the endowment fund student scholarships and help us respond to the academic needs of the College. To do so requires a growing asset base as well as a growing annual return on that base.

Our Investment Policy

Our investment policy states:

The primary emphasis of the investment policy is to safeguard and preserve the principal of the endowment after inflation and a payout to be approved annually by the Finance Committee and the Board. Additionally, a real return on the portfolio is desired. These investment objectives must be achieved within acceptable risk parameters.

Policies and Documents

The NCC Foundation is committed to transparency and accountability to all of our donors.

NCCF Investment
NCCF Spending
NCCF Gift Acceptance
NCCF Audited Financial Statements
NCCF Form 990


For more information, please contact:

Kris Yeager, Chief Financial Officer
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