5 - Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted giving provides the Foundation with the flexibility to capitalize on unanticipated opportunities or challenges as they present themselves throughout the year. To be awarded a Foundation grant, the College must submit a written proposal detailing the project goals and activities, how this funding will advance NCC’s strategic plan, measurable outcomes, a timeline and a detailed budget. Recent examples of utilizing unrestricted gifts include:

    • • Providing seed money so the College could hire an entrepreneur-in-residence for the 2014-2015 academic year.
      • Creating a part-time role in the Foundation to support the College with mentoring and other community volunteer initiatives.
      • Supporting a group of eight NCC culinary arts students traveling to France with their professors for academic immersion during spring break.

Rather than needing to match restricted funds with very specific donor mandates, these unrestricted contributions provide flexibility for the Foundation Board of Directors to review new proposals and approve appropriate spending for NCC’s greatest needs as they occur.