Norwalk Community College Foundation’s investments in the College are driven by data and long-term outcomes. When we target our funds on the most effective programs, we help more students achieve their goals. Thanks to generous donor support, we have commissioned a research project with Dr. Rebecca Wayland, of Competitive Paradigms, to assess the effectiveness of our scholarship awards with a data-driven analysis to profile the key touch points that help students on their path to graduation and life success.

The American Association of Community Colleges estimates that the annual income of students who graduate with an associate degree is 34% higher than that of students with a high school diploma. Unfortunately, many students “stop out” before graduating and those who do graduate often take longer than two years.

To understand the paths to graduation/transfer for students enrolling at NCC between 2014 and 2017, we examined official enrollment and graduation data for degree-seeking students enrolling at NCC for the first time, during the fall semester, with a full-time schedule (12+ credit hours).