Today, we need your help more than ever!

This year 20% more students sought our help and we have exhausted our annual scholarship funding. At the same time, we continue to increase our support for both academic and student success programs. With your support, NCC students can attain a quality higher education that otherwise might not be possible. By reducing their financial hurdle, more students will complete their college education.

To meet that need, we are focusing on the following five key initiatives:

  1. Scholarships for High-Achieving Students
  2. Makerspace to Support Entrepreneurship
  3. Fear Free Animal Lab for Veterinary Technology
  4. Reaching Excellent Academic Levels
  5. Unrestricted Gifts Answer the Greatest Need

Norwalk Community College was founded in 1961 and is the oldest public two-year college in Connecticut, with an annual enrollment of nearly 15,000 students in both credit and non-credit programs. NCC has served over 200,000 students to date and more Fairfield County students attend NCC than any other post-secondary institution.

Recognizing that Connecticut has the largest K-12 academic achievement gap in the nation,* NCC embraces the diverse needs of its students and provides an environment that empowers individuals to reach their highest potential. From the infant enrolled in NCC’s Child Development Lab School to the retiree who joins the Lifetime Learners Institute on campus, we are a resource for all ages.

NCC is truly the educational center of our community, providing opportunities for intellectual inquiry, open dialogue, multicultural awareness and lifelong learning. The majority of NCC graduates continue to live in Fairfield County, providing an educated and committed workforce for local employers.

When NCC students succeed, our community succeeds.

*Connecticut Commission on Children