Scholarship FAQ

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How can I get help paying for my education?

There are several ways you can get financial assistance – scholarships, grants and loans. All are awarded to cover a combination of tuition, books, fees, and in some cases, living and other expenses.

  • The NCC Foundation awards FREE scholarships. A scholarship is typically awarded either for academic performance or financial need. If you receive a scholarship, it is a gift that you never pay back.
  • Grants and Loans are administered through the NCC Financial Aid Office. A grant is money given for financial assistance. It is a gift that you never pay back. The Pell Grant is an example of an educational grant. A loan is money given on the condition that it is paid back at a later date. Student loans must be repaid.

 What types of scholarships are available from the NCC Foundation?

There are four main scholarship programs:

  • Full-Year (Traditional) Scholarships – awarded in late spring/early summer for the following academic year starting in the fall. The NCC Foundation will award scholarships toward coursework up to a maximum of 68 credits (82 for nursing). Awards to students enrolled in excess of 68 credits must be supported by a letter and an approved academic plan from their advisor.
    (Applications will be accepted March – April 2018.)
  • Spring Scholarships – awarded during the spring for the current spring semester.
    (Applications will be accepted October – early December 2018.)
  • Transfer Scholarships – awarded to graduating NCC students transferring to a 4-year institution to help complete a bachelor’s degree. LEAP, Dream, and RN to BSN Transfer Scholarships are available to students graduating in December 2017, May 2018, and August 2018.
    (Applications for RN to BSN, LEAP and Dream will be accepted March -early June 2018.)

Can I apply for an NCC Scholarship if I already have scholarships, loans and grants from other sources?

Absolutely! These scholarships do not reduce other financial aid or assistance you might be receiving. (Please note: If you receive financial aid, scholarship funding may not exceed your unmet need as identified by FAFSA.) If you are not eligible to receive financial aid, you may still be eligible to receive a scholarship from the NCC Foundation.

  • Application forms and instructions are ONLY available online at this website.

Where can I learn more or get help completing the application?

  • You can find specific scholarship criteria and application information on this website.

Every NCCF Scholarship has different application requirements and deadlines. Most have online applications only. The scholarship funding available to each student is impacted by the number who apply and qualify.

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