Workforce Development

An important aspect of the NCC Foundation’s support of CT State Norwalk is our commitment to workforce development that serves both students and the region. Foundation staff work with community partners to find areas where the College’s greatest resource - our students - can expand equity in industry sectors while advancing their opportunities for career development. 

For over a decade the Foundation has supported the Center for Science, Health, and Wellness (CSHW). The CSHW is the healthcare education hub on campus and was the largest public-private fundraising partnership in Connecticut when it opened in 2011. Foundation advisory committees continue to steward funding to ensure that Fairfield County’s nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapy assistants and other medical support professionals train on state-of-the-art equipment with highly qualified instructors. Scholarships and other funding (materials, uniforms, equipment) support students in these high-intensity programs so they can focus on academics and work less while in school. We are seeking partnerships and opportunities to help the College grow these programs to meet the region’s demand for well-educated, highly motivated health care workers. 

The Foundation is pleased to support a Job Developer position within the CT State Norwalk Career Development and Experiential Learning Center. Professional experience and field-of-study internships are an increasingly important facet of career building, and these opportunities have often been reserved for students at 4-year colleges. Recent relationship building with businesses and corporations in the region have opened up new paid internships for students in architecture, film studies, and computer science programs. We encourage employers in other sectors to connect with the Foundation to include our hardworking students in the growth of your enterprise.

The CT State Norwalk Child Development Lab School (CDLS) has recently completed a Foundation-funded infant room expansion to complement the toddler and preschool program on campus. The CDLS serves as a learning center for students earning an associate degree in early childhood education while also offering quality developmental childcare for faculty, students, and the community. The Foundation also offers CDLS tuition scholarships to CT State Norwalk students whose families need an affordable option for childcare.