Reasons to Give

The NCC Foundation changes lives by providing the gift of education to our neighbors. CT State Norwalk is educating the region’s workforce.

Our Impact

2022-2023 Academic Year

With an Associate Degree, our graduates can earn on average 34% more than with only a high school diploma.
The whole community benefits. For every $1 invested by CT taxpayers in CT State Norwalk, they will gain $3.50 in added tax revenue and savings.
Students who start at CT State Norwalk transfer to earn their bachelor’s degree. Our students go to colleges and universities in Connecticut and around the country, including Ivy League schools.

Why support CT State Community College Norwalk by Giving to the NCC Foundation?

See What Makes CT State Norwalk Special

  • Quality education at an affordable price, with open access to all
  • Dedicated, highly qualified faculty and staff who are committed to CT State Norwalk students
  • Educates our region’s workforce to keep our economy growing
  • Most CT State Norwalk graduates stay in Fairfield County and contribute to our community
  • Gifts provide essential resources and opportunities for students to thrive academically,
    personally, and professionally

Meet Brianna and Sheneaqua and see the impact that philanthropy can have on a scholar’s life and the broader community. With your support we can enable an individual to pursue their educational endeavor, and also promote the development of a productive workforce within our community.

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